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How to Find the Perfect Summer Internship

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With nearly 70 percent of high school students immediately attending college post-graduation, a stint in university is no longer good enough to attract attention from prospective employers. Today, a degree gets your foot in the door, but practical experience gets you the job. Quality internships are therefore imperative to your success in the real world.

School-Year Versus Summer Internships

As you examine potential internships, think carefully about scheduling. Can you handle the additional time commitment during an already busy semester? Your internship will help your resume regardless of when it occurs, but a summer position allows for greater focus.

Full-time hours during the summer are ideal; you'll build strong connections and get a better feel for the realities of your chosen industry. Keep in mind, however, that summer internships are the most in demand, and therefore more difficult to score.

Start Researching Early

Demand for internships is at an all-time high. Give yourself an edge on the competition by researching opportunities well in advance. Begin with a visit to your college's career center. Your career counselor can provide valuable insight into the type of internship you need — and where the best positions are available.

Websites such as Indeed and Monster can be helpful, but they'll only take you so far. Be proactive and reach out to companies not listed on typical job-based websites. Develop a list of businesses that spark your interest, and check their websites for open internship positions. If these websites don't provide information on internships, begin cold calling.

Prepare Your Resume

Don't worry if your resume lacks professional experience or credentials; you and most of your fellow internship applicants share that in common. What will set you apart is your ability to translate skills acquired in part-time jobs or extracurricular activities into essential qualities. Highlight previous academic achievements, part-time jobs, and volunteer experience. Mention leadership experience; this could include serving as president for a student club, captain on an athletic team, or advisor in your residence hall. Triple-check your resume before you submit it; a single typo will land you in the reject pile.

Update Your LinkedIn Page

These days, a resume isn't good enough; you also need a professional presence online. If you're not already on LinkedIn, that needs to change before you embark on the application process. Build strong connections, seek endorsements from your online network, and update your page as you land new jobs and certifications.

Make the Most of Your Network

The cliche 'it's not what you know, it's who you know' exists for a reason. Like it or not, professional connections lead to jobs. As a college student, your network might seem limited, but it's far more extensive than you might suspect. Chat about your aspirations with your friends, family members, coaches, or professors. You never know who can provide a lead for your next internship.

Be Prepared For Rejection

Depending on the internship, you could be one of several students applying for the same position. Don't let a few rejections hold you back. Some college students apply for dozens of internship before landing the perfect opportunity. Continue to cold call prospects and send out your resume. Your dream position could be just around the corner.

There's more to summer than lounging on the beach. This is the perfect time to excel as an intern. You'll develop relevant experience and build strong connections with leaders in your field. Harness this opportunity to gain an edge in your field.

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Mar 28, 2018