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September 22, 2022

How to Prepare for College with Geneva's Closing the Gap Program

The thought of enrolling in a college can be unsettling for there is much to learn. Geneva College offers a program called Closing the Gap that is designed to help prepare high school juniors and seniors for the college experience ahead. The program has three key areas of development: Intellectual Development, Identity Development, and Faith Development.

  1. Intellectual Development

Students who enroll in Closing the Gap will have the opportunity to enhance their reading, writing, communication skills, and more. These skills will be of important use should they choose to attend Geneva, or any other college. Obtaining good academic skills is vital for college, and this program will help students obtain all the necessary skills they need to be successful and have purposeful learning in college. A former Closing the Gap Mentor Noah, who mentored from 2015-2019 says, “Closing the Gap is one of the best ways high school students can prepare themselves for college since the program offers students a realistic look at college life in and out of the classroom, provides creative strategies to gain the most out of their experience, and guides students to thrive in their faith.”

  1. Identity Development

“Closing the Gap helped me solidify my calling,” says graduate student Ian Slippy, who enrolled in the program in 2018-2019. Geneva College stands for having a connected community through everything we do, therefore, being surrounded by other students who are there for the same reason can help enhance one's identity not only in themselves but in Christ. Students are on a journey of discovery, and Geneva comes alongside you in that journey. Together we’re seeking God’s design in all things. Integrating faith in life. Exploring, growing, and discerning all that we are created to be and do.

  1. Faith Development

Geneva values faith and learning integration so students can grow in Christ-centered education and community, and in their personal relationship with God. Geneva’s courses are biblically grounded, and students will learn from a Christian Worldview. In Closing the Gap students will be encouraged to share their faith with other students, and can begin to discover their faith-life calling through this program.

Closing the Gap provides intellectual, identity, and faith growth and opportunities to anyone who attends. To apply, or for more information on Closing the Gap visit: You were made for this.