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November 10, 2015

Time to Switch Schools?

Transferring colleges can seem intimidating. There are new people, new schedules and new routines. But although changing schools may seem scary, transferring doesn’t have to be! Here are four things I discovered when I went through the transfer process.

1. Change can be good

Your initial college choice does not have to be a permanent decision. Many people, myself included, often feel like once they decide on a school and enroll, the choice is final. This seems strange. One day you decide permanently where you are going to spend the next four years? This assumes that nothing changes. Where you need to live may change, your finances may change, or what you decide to major in may change making another school better for your new area of study. Reasons vary, but transfer students all have one thing in common—they needed a change. Change is not bad; it is a part of life. So it is important to not disregard the idea of transferring based on preconceived notions of a bad or complicated experience

2. Transferring is a popular option

When I transferred, I assumed that I was going to be the only one at my new school who transferred. I was wrong. Geneva has lots of transfer students! So good news—you won’t be the only one! One of my fellow transfer students describes the process like this: “Transferring at first seemed intimidating, and I was afraid I would be out of place. But as soon as I began the transfer process at Geneva, I felt right at home. Everyone was welcoming and the process was a lot easier than I anticipated.”

3. Colleges love transfer students

Colleges love when students transfer to their school. They are happy to have more students and welcome you into their college community. Geneva is glad to welcome transfer students of any year, any background and any amount of credits. That is why Geneva does not have a certain number of credits you must have before transferring. Whether you have taken one class, or three years of classes, transferring is still an option for you.

4. Students love transfers students

My experience at Geneva has been great! Students have been very welcoming. They enjoy hearing why I transferred, what the other college was like and my overall experience. When I transferred to Geneva, I received all the information I needed—and got to know a lot of people—during Welcome Week. Plus, Geneva provided transfer-specific activities and made sure that I settled in successfully.

Transferring is not as scary as it may initially seem. So whether you are thinking about transferring, in the midst of the transfer process or have just transferred, don’t worry! Transferring is a great option for a lot of people. Geneva and its students love transfer students; we will make sure you are part of the Golden Tornado community in no time!

Kelsey Robinson ’17

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