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Great Reasons to Be a Writing Major

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There are many different majors to choose from when pursuing a college career. There are great reasons to study writing as a major. Writing is one of the best choices because of its job flexibilities. With a writing major, you can be a journalist, teacher, work in any number of public relations offices, freelance writing, or blogging.

Working as a journalist enables a writer to be involved in the circle of information. Whether it’s sports or politics, this opens doors to the opportunity to work with people of interest to you. This skill can also give you a position of influence, which allows you to make a difference in the world.

Teaching is another way you can use a writing major. For grade school, you will also need a teaching certificate and for college level you will need to continue to pursue education. However, teaching allows you to pass on your passion of language to the next generation. In addition, because of the school year, you also have time to pursue writing of your own and work toward publication.

For the more disciplined writers, there are office jobs, especially in public relations and marketing. Here you may end up writing for the company blog, creating news releases, helping to create content for and publish the company magazine. This gives you a wide range of writing types and topics to choose from. Writing for PR and marketing is great for people who like that kind of change but still want the structure that comes with writing for a business.

As a writer, you can also freelance. This is when you take on one-time writing projects from different clients. It releases writers from being tied down and allows them to be on the move and travel. This can give them a chance to gain life experience, which can be poured into their writing.

In addition, writers also write blogs which can give them the same flexibility as freelance writers but gives one control over topic and schedule. However, it is imperative that you are dedicated and keep yourself on schedule. You have to be the driving force as blogger. No one is going to be pushing you, so you have to make yourself write if you want to succeed.

There are lots of opportunities for people who pursue writing as a major. This gives writing majors lots of different job choices and allows them access to more job opportunities. Writing allows freedom in career and in mobility. Because of the diversity this major allows, it is an amazing choice. It’s never a bad thing to be able to articulate your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and inspirations to the world.

Master your writing for a vocation that will allow you to serve God and neighbor faithfully in any number of ways. Find out more about the writing major at Geneva College by contacting Admissions at or 800-847-8255.

- Kelsey Gerhard ‘23


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Apr 9, 2021