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Learn physics by doing physics and gain a better understanding of our Creator

Get closer to God by learning about the laws through which He governs the universe. From mechanics to relativity, Geneva’s physics program reveals the wisdom and beauty inherent in the things He has made. Whether in the classroom or in the laboratory, you will be challenged to actively engage with physical concepts and applications to better understand how the universe works. Rejoice in the works of the Lord!

Geneva prepares you to make a meaningful impact in your career, community and life.

Observe Celestial Bodies

Study moons, stars, and planets with Geneva’s research-grade 16” Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope

Integrate Computer Modeling

Bring equations to life with visual python simulations of physical phenomena

Conduct Your Own Research

Plan and complete an independent project in theoretical, applied, or computational physics

Key Courses

Modern Physics

Experiment with wave mechanic and their effects on atomic structure, molecular bonding, and more

Physical Acoustics

Apply physics through acoustics and sound phenomena, studying musical scales and wavelength

Numerical Methods

Study various types of equations and problems and learn how to solve them using different strategies


Learn about sight and the behavior of light through electromagnetic waves and their features

Experienced & Accomplished Faculty

Career Outcomes

Graduates who aspire to have an impact in their communities and their careers through a Geneva Education gain expertise in this field enhanced by academics rooted in Christian values and ethics in Geneva’s program.


of our graduates have continued their physics education at the graduate level or joined the workforce


Employment of physicists is projected to grow by 9% through 2030, faster than the national average (U.S. BLS).

“Before Geneva … I really was unsure about my future, probably because I was trying to be in control of it. Now coming to the Lord, I have faith about my future. It’s in His hands, not mine. I feel that I am more prepared for the future. It is through Geneva that the Lord did his work on my life.” Ed, Physics and Applied Math graduate

Be prepared for careers such as...

  • Astronomer
  • Data Scientist
  • Lab Technician
  • Research Scientist
  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Analyst

Further your impact...

  • Pursue PhD programs at high-ranking universities
  • Adapt your skills to work as part of an interdisciplinary team to solve complex problems
  • Conduct fundamental or applied research in national labs

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