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10 Amazing Benefits You Can Expect from Your Summer Internship

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When you’re between semesters during summer, an internship can provide a great way to spend your time. Why are internships so important? They offer several benefits that can boost your educational experience and career. Find out more about how an internship can help you thrive in school and in the workplace. 

  1. Gain Networking Opportunities

Networking is an important part of finding career opportunities and for getting your foot in the door of a specific organization. When you network with professionals in your field, you can learn more about what to expect in terms of the workplace environment. During your internship, you might also be able to network with other interns, building friendships with those who share your career interests. Networking during internships can give you a head start on growing your career rather than waiting until after you graduate. 

  1. Improve Your Resume

When you apply for jobs, prospective employers often look for applicants who have some type of experience in the field. With entry-level jobs in your field, this typically means having an internship on your resume. Your summer internship can provide you with an advantage over other job applicants who lack this kind of experience. You can add your internship to your resume with a few details on what your responsibilities were. 

  1. Put Educational Skills to Use

During college, you’ve been learning skills that you’ll need in order to succeed in your chosen field, whether you’re studying biologybusiness or another major. While you might be doing great on exams and other assignments, being able to put those skills to practical use is the real test of what you’ve learned. Doing an internship provides you with a way to put your educational skills to good use in a workplace environment. This can help you discover what your strengths are and what you need to work on. 

  1. Experience the Workplace Firsthand

What should you expect from an internship? A summer internship can give you a taste of the workplace experience—helping you better understand what to expect once you start working after graduation. Whether it’s computer sciencenursing or music, workplace environments can vary widely depending on your field. You might think you know what to expect in the workplace, but firsthand experience can provide you with a clearer idea of what this environment is like. 

  1. Explore Career Options

Summer internships give you a chance to explore different career options. You might find that, while you may enjoy what you’re doing as an intern, you can also learn about other positions that are available in your field. During your internship, you can talk to peers and professionals in the workplace about various career options and positions, which can help you decide what you want to do with your degree. For example, you might learn about a wide range of available career paths with your degree in community development during your internship. 

  1. Potentially Earn Money or College Credits

Some internships offer monetary compensation, which can help you pay for books and other college expenses. Other internships might offer a way for you to earn college credits. Whether you do a paid or unpaid internship, keep in mind that all internship experiences are valuable. While you might earn money or college credits as a perk with some internships, you can count on gaining knowledge, insight, and other valuable experiences with any internship.

  1. Build Professional Skills

Your college education might focus on teaching you the skills and knowledge you’ll need for your field. For example, you might be focusing on learning written communication skills for your degree in communication. However, to be successful in almost any career, there are soft skills you’ll want to master, as well. Internships give you a chance to learn and practice soft skills, such as being a good team member or learning how to solve problems when you’re under pressure.

  1. Learn from Professionals

As an intern, you’re in a position to gain important feedback from professionals in your field. These professionals can help you learn where you excel and where you could use improvement. Having access to this kind of feedback is a valuable experience that you can carry with you when you enter the workplace after graduation. With this feedback, you can work on improving your weaknesses as an intern, so you’ll be ready to thrive on the job as a paid employee.

  1. Increase Your Marketability

When you’re applying for jobs before or after graduation, you’ll need to gain a competitive edge over other applicants. Having internship experience shows employers that you possess firsthand experience in the workplace. This can help you stand out from the competition and make you more marketable to prospective employers. With this increased marketability, you might find it easier to achieve your career goals.

  1. Gain Insight About Your Field

What are the challenges faced during an internship? When you do an internship, you might not have the experience you were hoping for. However, even a bad internship experience offers value. You can learn more about your field and determine if it’s still right for you or if you should change your career path. You might also realize that there’s a different position in your field that interests you more than the one you were doing as part of your internship. This can help you adjust your educational and career goals as needed.

Whether you’re exploring your options for an undergraduate or graduate degree, Geneva College can help. Please contact us to learn more about our degree programs and majors, so you can gain the education needed for a fulfilling career.

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Jul 22, 2021