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7 Reasons to Earn Your Master’s Degree at Geneva College

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When you’re thinking of continuing school to earn an advanced degree, Geneva College has a lot to offer. At Geneva, you’ll find several master’s degree programs to explore based on your educational goals and career path. Why is a master’s degree good? This advanced degree can provide you with some notable advantages in your career. When you choose a master’s degree program at Geneva, you’ll enjoy even more benefits. Keep the following in mind when you’re looking into options for earning your advanced degree. 

  1. Online or In-Person Option

Whether you prefer online school or in-person classes, you’ll be able to do either at Geneva. We provide programs that are fully online, which can be convenient for those who have jobs or other obligations that make attending in-person classes difficult. These online programs offer the same high-quality education you would receive with our in-person option. With an online master’s program, you’ll have the ability to fit your education into your schedule easily.

If you prefer going to classes in person, Geneva has that option available. In-person instruction allows some students to focus better without the distractions of a home environment. Attending these classes might also suit you more if you prefer being able to interact with your instructors on the spot, such as asking for clarification on the material you’re learning. 

  1. Faith-Based Education

When your faith is a central part of your life, being able to receive your education at a school that recognizes this is important. While exploring options for earning your master’s degree, keep in mind that Geneva provides faith-based education. Our Christ-centered educational institution includes faith in all of our degree programs, which helps prepare our students for a career and life that focus on serving God and neighbor.

Our core values, which include serving with grace and fostering academic strength, provide the ideal setting for integrating faith with academic learning. No matter which advanced degree program you pursue, you can expect to gain a deeper appreciation for your faith while also developing the skills needed for a fulfilling career. This combination can help you build a spiritually successful career and discover your calling in life.

  1. Learn Skills You’ll Directly Be Able to Apply in the Workforce

A master’s program can provide you with the right skills to thrive in the workforce. When you work on earning an advanced degree, you’ll have more in-depth knowledge of your chosen industry or field. For example, a master’s in higher education includes classes that teach you leadership skills and educational research skills. You’ll also learn skills that help you understand college students better as an educator, including what they need to succeed in school.

At Geneva, all our master’s programs prepare students for taking on more challenging yet rewarding careers. Keep in mind that these programs also include skills you can apply in different areas of your life, as well as the workplace, such as collaboration or teamwork skills, analytical skills, and leadership skills. Being able to develop these skills can help you thrive in the workforce and in your personal life. 

  1. Help You Grow in Your Career

When you want to take on a leadership position in your field or tackle more responsibilities in your current position, having a master’s degree can help. In fact, some positions, especially in leadership, require an advanced degree. At Geneva, some of our master’s programs offer concentrations to provide more targeted knowledge and skills in certain areas. For example, you can pursue an MBA with a concentration in marketing, finance, or operations management. These concentrations allow you to advance your career or choose a more focused career path, such as a financial position rather than a more generalized business career.

When you take the time to earn your master’s from Geneva College, this can help you in your job search or in your efforts to advance your career. Employers often look for applicants or employees who have the drive and initiative to successfully complete an advanced degree program.

  1. Engaging and Helpful Professors

Is a master's program difficult? One of the most important factors that can affect your experience with an advanced degree program is your instructors. Having classes that are poorly taught or instructors who are not easy to reach when you have questions can make an advanced degree program much harder than it should be. At Geneva, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the instruction you receive. Our professors go above and beyond to stay engaged with students, whether they are taking an online or in-class program.

When you choose Geneva, you can expect to get help when you need it from our professors. Having professors you can turn to for guidance and help understanding material can provide you with an excellent experience during your advanced degree program.

  1. Smaller Class Sizes

Some colleges have large class sizes that make it difficult to interact with professors or stay focused during class. This can make your master’s degree program more challenging, but it doesn’t need to be. Geneva keeps class sizes smaller as much as possible, which helps ensure that students can get help from professors as needed and enjoy a better learning environment overall.

Keep in mind that both our online and in-person programs offer smaller class sizes. With these class sizes and our helpful and knowledgeable professors, you can expect to have a positive and successful experience earning your master’s degree.

  1. More Networking Opportunities

Your networking opportunities during undergraduate school might have been limited. However, advanced degree programs typically provide many more of these opportunities.

As a master’s student, you’ll have the opportunity to network with faculty and alumni who can help you get to know your field or industry in greater depth. These individuals can offer guidance and practical advice on building your chosen career path. You might also have a chance to network with industry professionals at conferences or other kinds of events that Geneva offers.

Networking opportunities are an important part of learning more about your field or industry. These opportunities can also help you get your foot in the door with prospective employers, which can lead to job opportunities.

If you’re considering earning your master’s degree, please contact Geneva College. We can provide you with more information on our available degree programs, whether you’re looking for online or in-person classes.

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Nov 14, 2021

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