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Balancing Graduate School And Work

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Graduate Studies

Being a grad student is an exciting way to broaden your education and stand out in your field. Participating in a Geneva College graduate program helps prepare students for their real-world positions.

Many students often have to balance their studies with a part-time or full-time job. Graduate students can expect to spend 10-20 hours a week on each 3-credit course they are taking, which is difficult to balance when working. There are several potential ways to help balance personal work life and school studies.

Set A Long-Term Goal

Levi Cole, a graduate student who is currently enrolled in Geneva’s Master’s in Higher Education Program, recommends setting long-term goals to work towards. Cole says, “I knew that I had a love for learning and working alongside college students, so my goal was to learn more about higher education and its students. That’s why I enrolled in MAHE.” A long-term goal can look different for everyone, but it is important to keep the future in mind.

Be Open With Your Professors

When you feel overwhelmed with schoolwork or your personal life, being open with your professors can be incredibly important. Current grad students emphasize that professors are excited to listen and help, as they have gone through a graduate program themselves. Many professors in the master’s programs want to work to support their students through their difficult periods.

Maintain Hobbies

Only maintaining your studies and work can be often overwhelming, and even isolating. It is important to balance out your personal life with hobbies, whether it be outdoor physical activities or reading for leisure. Graduate students often recommend spacing out their work by designating certain days or times to get their work done, and scheduling leisure activities. Keeping to slotted days or times can help with time management, stress reduction, and keeping up with your mental health while you are juggling a lot of responsibilities.

Geneva College seeks the thriving of all students from all backgrounds. Whether a student is in undergraduate or graduate programs, on or off campus, working or a full-time student, we understand there are stressors unique to each student’s journey. That is why we have a dedicated staff and a wide variety of resources and support for students with finances, resumes, writing, career guidance, and more.  

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Nov 21, 2022

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