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11 Reasons Why Engineering Might be the Right Field for You

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Engineers do things that others only imagine. In fact, if it can be envisioned, an engineer can work to make it possible. If a modern-day bridge exists, a civil engineer made it possible. Structural engineers and architectural engineers work together to construct a building that will withstand gale-force winds and earthquakes. Biomedical engineers design prosthetic limbs and artificial organs.

Engineering is, in fact, a broad term that may be applied to various technological and scientific fields including medicine, architecture, and environmentalism. Engineering is typically divided into five main branches:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Industrial engineering

Although these are considered the “traditional” branches of engineering, there are many other types of engineers, many more engineering subfields, and interdisciplinary engineering fields.

In fact, there are more than 50 types of engineering careers from which to choose and lots of great reasons why you’ll love having a career as an engineer, including:

  1. Have a Successful Career but Still Have Time to Enjoy Life

Engineers make a good salary (even starting salaries) and find lots of job satisfaction in their careers. But, perhaps, one of its greatest advantages is that you’ll have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Engineering jobs typically allow you to find a good balance between your work and personal life.

  1. You Get to Be Creative

As an engineer, you can let your imagination run wild as you improvise and confront new situations. Engineering is, in fact, the ideal field for independent thinkers.

Engineers work to design and build new things and/or work to make existing items or situations better, often coming up with solutions that are innovative and new. A team of engineers, which could include mechanical engineers, software engineers, and electrical engineers, for instance, can work together to design and build a medical diagnostic machine that will save lives.

Engineers are problem solvers. Many engineers go on to create new inventions and receive patents for their ideas.

  1. Highly Respected

Engineers are highly respected individuals. They work hard to make the world around them a better place to live for themselves and for others, and they do things that others only dream about.

  1. Work with Other Great Engineers

You’ll get the opportunity to work with other creative individuals whose ways of thought will challenge you to see things in a whole new and exciting way. You’ll stretch your talents in ways you may never have thought possible because of the people you work with.

In fact, engineering takes teamwork. As an engineer, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with lots of people both inside and outside your chosen field. You’ll be surrounded by people who will challenge you, people who will cause you to stretch and grow, and people who will inspire you.

  1. Opportunities to Solve Problems

A career in engineering gives you the opportunity to solve problems and design things that really matter, things that make the world a better place in which to live. As an engineer, you can use your God-given talents to find solutions that no one else has thought of; it’s an opportunity to make your mark on the world.

  1. Never Be Bored

Imagine a job where your natural abilities enable you to create things that have only previously existed in your mind — a job where thoughts come to life. That’s what an engineering career can do for you. There’s never a reason to be bored when you’re an engineer.

  1. Competitive Salary

Engineers earn a very competitive salary. For example, according to the United States Department of Labor, the average annual salary of someone with a bioengineering degree is $98,340. The top ten percent, however, can expect to make around $149,000 annually. Even starting salaries are exciting for new graduates. Mechanical engineers, for instance, have an average annual starting salary of $63,527.

  1. What You Do Matters

As an engineer, God can use you to make a difference. The positive effect engineers have on their communities and the world around them is easily witnessed. Buildings withstand whatever nature has to throw at them, babies in neonatal intensive care units thrive, water systems bring life-saving water to remote areas of the world, and cell phones do so much more than allow us to talk to someone anywhere in the world. Engineers bring creativity to life.

  1. Get to Travel

Engineering and fieldwork often go hand-in-hand. An engineer’s creation may wind up far from their home. They may design a bridge that is to be built in Paris, develop safe-drinking water systems that will be used in Africa or develop a farming technique that helps feed the poor all over the world. The engineer’s presence could be needed during the initial install or build, or the engineer may need to be onsite to figure out and fix a problem.

  1. Have an Exciting Career

An engineering degree can provide you with a career that has lots of freedom and excitement. Employers value employees who’ve taken the time to pursue an engineering degree. They know the engineer is well-educated and has been taught problem-solving and analytical skills, valuable tools that will benefit the company.

  1. Change the World

As an engineer, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference and change the world in ways that only you can imagine. Imagine being involved in the creation of artificial organs and other lifesaving medical equipment, pollution controls to preserve the environment, or low-cost building materials to assist in the fight against global poverty. Engineers make a difference in the world around them, saving lives, preventing disease, reducing poverty, and protecting the world God created.

Learn How to Change the World at Geneva College

Does the prospect of changing the world excite you? Do you want a career that allows you to use your God-given talents to make a difference in your life, your community, and the world around you? If so, you should check out Geneva’s engineering program which offers concentrations in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineeringelectrical engineeringenvironmental engineering, mechanical engineering or an interdisciplinary field. For more information, contact us at 855-979-5563 or web@geneva.edu. Get ready to make your mark on this world.








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Oct 26, 2021

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