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The Ripple Effect: Impacting Lives Through Your Master of Arts in Counseling

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Graduate Studies Program Spotlight

Embarking on a journey toward a Master of Arts in Counseling is a significant step for those passionate about making a positive impact on individuals' well-being. Here at Geneva College, we are known for our commitment to academic excellence and Christian education. We offer a transformative experience through our Master of Arts in Counseling program. 

Discover the opportunities within our MA in Counseling degree program, designed to empower you as a student to make a meaningful impact through a diverse range of coursework, hands-on training, and engaging internships. This program offers specializations in marriage, couple, and family counseling; mental health counseling; or professional school counseling. Our program additionally offers the flexibility of both online and in-person instruction to accommodate your unique needs. Assistant professor David Collins, PhD candidate and coordinator of the marriage, couple, and family counseling states, “Our modern society accepts counseling more than ever before. The prolific nature of counseling provides an avenue of influence for good or bad. Now, more than ever, we need well-rounded professionals. Geneva's counseling program is vitally significant in providing highly-trained clinicians of excellence for the marketplace. 

Specializing in marriage, couple, and family counseling will equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of family dynamics, offering support and guidance to individuals seeking to build and maintain strong, resilient relationships. As Collins says, “Counseling curriculum provides a natural avenue of integration through addressing how people feel and think about their problems in the world. The students learn not only to evaluate their own perspectives about any given client issue, but also assess the client's perspective and the impact on daily living. Almost every class provides at least one opportunity to talk about the professional application of high-quality counseling and being with others in the midst of trials.” 

In the mental health counseling concentration, you will explore the multifaceted realm of mental well-being and gain a deeper understanding of topics such as diagnosis, biblical anthropology, and moral principles. Be prepared to positively impact the lives of those navigating the complexities of mental health issues. 

For those passionate about fostering the academic and emotional growth of students, professional school counseling is a perfect fit. Students learn how to navigate the unique challenges within educational settings, offering guidance and support to students as they navigate academic, social, and personal development. 

Choosing a master's in counseling program is a pivotal decision, and Geneva College's program stands out for its commitment to excellence, integration of faith in counseling, and emphasis on practical experience. Graduates emerge not only as skilled counselors, but also as compassionate individuals ready to positively impact the lives of others. Collins reaffirms this in saying, “Our students historically perform very well on the standard comprehensive exam and the National Counselor Exam. We have a very high job placement rate as well! However, the top reason in my mind is that we positively impact lives. People matter!” If you're passionate about counseling and seeking a program that aligns with your values, Geneva College's Master of Arts in Counseling could be the transformative journey you're looking for. 

Elia Glenn '27

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Feb 23, 2024

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