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Compelling Reasons to Pursue Your Bachelor of Science in Management

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Are you on the hunt for a degree program that prepares you to succeed as a business leader? You could be the perfect candidate for a Bachelor of Science in Management. This degree can help you secure your place as a leader in one of today's most exciting and opportunity-filled professions.

Keep reading to learn more about the field of business management—and how the right degree can help you make the most of this career track.

What Is Business Management?

Business management involves a wide range of tools and techniques for organizing and administering corporate activities. An effective business manager understands how numerous organizational elements function, including everything from finance to human resources. This individual is responsible for coordinating these essentials to drive innovation and productivity.

Successful business managers draw on their diverse knowledge and carefully honed leadership skills to ensure that the organizations they serve are both profitable and influential. They are the force behind today's most inspiring business success stories.

The Benefits of a Management Degree

From transferable skills to a strong professional network, a Bachelor of Science in Management provides a variety of benefits worth considering. The program's ultimate goal, of course, is to prepare students to enter the labor market as successful business managers. We've highlighted a few of this degree's most noteworthy advantages below:

Excellent Job Opportunities

Many aspiring business managers enter the field in hopes of finding steady, lucrative work. This intention is clearly backed by data, which highlights business management as one of the most profitable career options for graduates at the bachelor's level.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an outlook of 7 percent for management professions between 2018 and 2028. While this rests at the average across all occupations, many specialty areas are currently experiencing rapid increases in demand. In general, business management has proven a stable field over time. For this reason, students can feel confident that appealing positions will be available far into the future.

Aspiring management professionals tend to be extremely discerning when it comes to compensation, with few willing to settle for positions with pay rates below their esteemed worth. Many are pleased to discover that lucrative opportunities abound, especially for those equipped with the right degree.

As of May 2019, the BLS reported median annual wages of $105,660 across several management professions, with those in finance, human resources, and sales earning considerably more. These earnings are particularly impressive given the ability of many managers to reach six figures with a bachelor's degree. Even higher earnings may be possible for those who continue to obtain graduate-level credentials.

Opportunities for Advancement

While a Bachelor of Science in Management can provide a strong start within a competitive labor market, it may prove even more beneficial for those who have worked in entry-level positions for years and are ready to take the next step. This degree indicates that graduates are ready to take on supervisory roles. It provides the opportunity to step up from jobs such as commercial associate to higher-level work as sales or financial managers. For others, this degree may deliver the confidence needed to pursue consulting or to launch a startup.

Transferable Skills

The Bachelor of Science in Management builds on a strong core of business concepts to ensure that students are prepared to take on a wide array of professional challenges. Key skills such as accounting and human resource management prove especially valuable in a variety of positions. Students also emerge with refined communication and data analysis abilities which allow them to succeed regardless of where their career path leads.

The Bachelor of Science in Management places a strong emphasis on business ethics. This subject is relevant across a broad spectrum of positions and industries. Students emerge understanding the meaning and importance of ethical management—and what it takes to apply these principles in the real world.

Building a Strong Network

Management skills can take you far as you embark on your career, or as you strive to move another rung up the professional ladder. However, as the common cliché states, who you know can prove nearly as valuable as what you know. Hence, the importance of professional networking.

While enrolled in a management-oriented degree program, you will come into regular contact with other aspiring business leaders. These fellow students can provide motivation, support, and most importantly, leads on positions you seek that fit your unique interests and abilities.

In addition to creating invaluable connections with other students, you'll enjoy the opportunity to build strong relationships with the program's faculty members. These esteemed professionals boast excellent contacts. They can alert you to opportunities you might otherwise miss. What's more, your job applications could gain an instant edge over the competition if you receive strong endorsements from your instructors.

Pursuing Your Passion

Geneva's Bachelor of Science in Management includes several focused courses that allow you to apply newly developed communication and leadership skills to specific areas of interest. Further specialization is available through the degree's capstone or internship opportunities.

While many graduates quickly find themselves acquiring the job title of business manager, others pursue specific positions such as customer development manager or corporate account manager. This degree can also pave the path to success in the non-profit sector or in management for specific industries such as health care or IT. Students hoping to pursue such specialties can delve into these areas prior to entering the job market.

Gaining Influence

Aspiring management professionals are determined to make a difference. Their specific goals and means of accomplishing these objectives may differ, but they share the drive needed to deliver lasting change. A Bachelor of Science in Management equips future leaders with the knowledge, connections and general sense of respect required to exert influence in their field of choice.

As you seek a degree program that can prepare you to make your mark in the business world, keep an eye on Geneva's Bachelor of Science in Management. The academic efforts you make now could pay off in the form of an exciting and lucrative career path.

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Aug 28, 2020

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