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Guide to Fun in Beaver County: Part 2

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Stuck in the grind of homework, classes, work, and sleeping? Need a place to get away for an afternoon to have fun? While college can keep one close to campus, there are numerous places to visit in the Beaver Falls area. The responsibilities can pile up quickly but sometimes they need to be pushed aside for a some nearby of fun. As promised in part one of a Guide to Fun in Beaver County, here are five more amazing places to visit in the area.

  1. Pinball PA (22.6 miles)

If you have ever wanted to step back in time to go to an old fashion arcade, then Pinball PA is the place for you. Each game is set at automatic free play. The moment you pay upfront, each and every game including Pac Man, Mrs. Pac Man, Tapper, Fix it Felix, and Street Fighters are completely free and at your disposal to play for hours. With over 420 video games and pinball machines, this museum of arcade games is one place that you should add to the bucket list. Looking for a discount? Then bring a group! Truth be told, if you go to Pinball PA you will not be disappointed.  

  1. Three River’s Karting (17.9 miles)

Even though driving may be a mundane experience at college, go karting is different. Like the legendary game Mario Kart, go karting just never gets old. Three River’s Karting is a local business that is a sure bet for fun. If you are looking to do something spontaneously, this activity center allows people to arrive and drive or to call ahead and save a date. According to their website, Three River’s Karting is deemed as one of the “world’s greatest” indoor karting facilities. During your time at Geneva, take advantage of it.

  1. Sky Zone Trampoline Park (50.7 miles)

While the world is a crazy place to live in these days, who would guess that there would be a whole building dedicated to trampolines? Sky Zone Trampoline Park is indeed a whole facility dedicated to jumping. Located just 50.7 miles from Geneva’s campus, Sky Zone provides ninja warrior courses, sky joust battles, sky slam basketball, and ultimate dodgeball where friends can compete against each other. If competing isn’t your thing, there is also a freestyle jump area, free style rock climbing wall, foam zone, and a sky ladder. One way or another, if you have any bottled-up nervous energy, this could definitely be the fix for you.

  1. Katie’s Corner (3.9 miles) … New Location Soon!!!

With so many fun places to go, we absolutely can’t forget to include food! After a long hard day in class, at work, or in your dorm studying, ice cream is always a welcome sight. Only 4 miles away from Geneva, Katie’s Corner is a quant outdoor ice cream shop that has great atmosphere and a whopping 48 ice cream flavors to choose from. If you’re not up for normal ice cream, they also serve banana splits, sundaes, apple dumpling, milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, and root beer floats. Currently located across the Beaver River, Katie’s Corner is putting up a new location in Chippewa by May 2021! Need to pick something up at Walmart, Aldi, or CVS? Great, now you’ll be able to pick up an ice cream cone as well!

  1. Old Economy Village (14.7 miles)

For all those history geeks, museum nerds, and field trip addicts out there, Old Economy Village might be a place you would like to visit. Old Economy Village is a historic settlement that was established in 1824. With indoor and outdoor exhibits, the village provides some interesting stories about the area’s past. If you aren’t a person who likes tours, then you can take a quaint stroll around this historical village by yourself. A once busy town, the village has beautiful old buildings, gorgeous gardens, and interesting exhibits that take you back in time to see how people lived in the 1800s. If you get hungry, just stop at one of the towns restaurants. No excuses, hop in the car, learn some history, and eat some good food!

Five more amazing places down, so many more to explore! Look out for a Guide to Fun in Beaver County (Part 3).

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-Abby Forton ‘22

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May 7, 2021

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