FAQ - Geneva College, a Christian College in Pennsylvania (PA)

Center for Student Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

As you are preparing to transition into the Geneva Community, feel free to send an email on the 'Contact Us' page. However, you might not be the only one with the question, therefore we have put together a list of questions that are frequently asked along with the answer. We are here to help you during this time of transition in life in order for you to be successful and thrive in your journey.


Q: Where is the nearest grocery store?

A: There are many grocery stores within 5-10 minutes from campus. There is: Giant Eagle, Aldi, Walmart, etc. 


Q: How will I get to the store if I do not have a car?

A: The best thing to do is carpool with friends to the store. However, you may rent a ZipCar and drive yourself. 


Q: Is there anything to do within walking distance of campus?

A: Downtown Beaver Falls is only a 10-15 minute walk with many little stores to shop. There is a Sheetz gas station close to campus, a popular walking distination for students for snacks. 


Q: What type of security is provided for the residence halls?

A: The residence hall buildings are secured by card access. Individual rooms are secured by key punch access. Each hall is overseen by a post-graduate, professional staff Resident Director (RD). Each RD has an apartment in the hall they oversee.  Each floor on each residence hall also have a Resident Assistant (RA), who is an upperclassman student able to answer questions and walk along new students during their transition.  Geneva also has a security guard on duty 24 hours a day.  


Q: Are there first aid kits in the residence halls?

A: All Resident Directors (RD) have basic first aid kits. Geneva also has a full infirmary available to our students. Students are encouraged to have their own basic first aid items such as Band-Aids, Tylenol, Neosporin, etc.


Q: How much does it cost to do laundry on campus?

A: Each residence hall has free laundry facilities for students. Students must provide their own detergent.


Q: Are there phones in the rooms of the residence halls?

A: There are no phone jacks in individual rooms in the residence halls. Each hall has a phone available for students to use.


Q: Is wireless internet provided in the residence halls?

A: Yes, wireless is provided in the residence halls along with across campus. 


Q: Is cable provided in the residence halls?

A:  Cable is provided in each residence hall lounge, but not in the individual rooms.


Q: Are vacuums provided in the residence halls?

A: Vacuums are provided on each hall of the residence halls.


Q: Are power strips permitted in the residence halls?

A: Power strips are permitted in the residence halls with the exception of extension cords and multiplug adapters.


Q: What type of lighting do the residence halls have?

A: All residence halls have one light fixture. It is recommended that students bring lamps for additional lighting. Halogen and multi-bulb lamps are not permitted in the residence halls.


Q: What is the maximum wattage microwaves permitted to be in the residence halls?

A: Maximum wattage for microwaves is 1,000 watts.


Q: What appliances are permitted in the residence halls?

A: Small appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves, electric kettles, etc. are permitted in the residence halls. Hot plates are not permitted in the residence halls. Toasters and other cooking appliances should only be used in the residence hall kitchens. 


Q: Can students bring fans or air-conditioning units?

A: Student are not permitted to bring air-conditioning units, however students may have fans in their rooms.


Q: Can students hang pictures, posters, etc. on walls?

A: Students are permitted to hang items on room walls as long as they are hung with adhesive that does not damage the walls. Items hung must not be a fire hazard or blocking a door. For example, student may hang Christmas lights in their room, but no more than three strands can be connected to the same outlet. 


Q: What are the dimensions of the rooms?

A: See the floor layouts for room dimensions. The dimensions include closet space.


Q: What are the dimensions of the furniture in the rooms? 

A: See the floor layouts for furniture dimensions.


Q: Do the rooms have carpet or tile?
McKee, Pearce, and Memorial have carpet. Clarke has tile floors. The apartments have a mixture of carpet and laminate flooring. It is recommended that students bring rugs for rooms without carpet. 


Q: What size sheets should students bring for the beds in the residence halls?

A: Students should bring extra long linens for the beds.


Q: How much space is under the beds for students to use as storage?

A: Without bed risers, there is approvimately 6-8 inches of space under beds. This may vary depending on the type of bed a student has. 


Q: Can students bring bed risers?

A: Yes, bed risers are permitted in the residence halls.


Q: Can beds be lofted to provide additional space?

A: No, students are not permitted to do so in the residence halls. 


Q: Are there mirrors in each residence hall room?

A: Yes, there are mirrors in each room. 


Q: What size are the windows in the residence halls?

A: See the floor layouts for window dimensions.


Q: Are curtains permitted in the residence halls?

A:  Yes, curtains are permitted in the residence halls as long as they are hung with temporary fixtures (i.e. dowl or tension rods) and holes are not drilled into the window frames.


Q: Do the desks in each room come with shelves?

A: Yes, each desk has shelves that sit above the desk.