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Biblical Studies, Ministries & Philosophy

The Biblical Studies, Ministries & Philosophy department teaches from a redemptive-historical perspective, in which both the Old Testament and the New Testament are seen as the progressive unfolding of God′s redemptive plan, culminating in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Additionally, Bible department faculty members highlight three areas of growth and development for students:

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  • Scholarship – Students will be challenged to engage the course material, develop the skills to   analyze it at a high level, and evaluate it critically.  Various perspectives will often be studied, which will challenge students to understand the world outside of the reformed movement, yet in a safe place where historic orthodox views are held with deep conviction.         
  • Spiritual formation – Students will be challenged to love Jesus Christ as Savior and King even more, to embrace the authority of Scripture with more fervency, and to develop the various spiritual disciplines that, through the Holy Spirit, empower one for ministry.       
  • Practical ministry – Students will be challenged to develop their practical ministry skills.  Each course, from The Gospel of John to Augustine, will attempt to demonstrate how a study of the Biblical text or a hero of the faith or an ancient philosopher relates to some aspect of practical ministry.


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Majors and Concentrations


  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Ministries
  • Philosophy
  • Student Ministry


The mission of the Department of Bible, Christian Ministries, and Philosophy is to educate, in our fields of learning and expertise, servant leaders:

  • Who know and love God as He is revealed in the Scriptures
  • Who reflect deeply on the most important issues human beings face
  • Who are competent in their designated fields of study 
  • Who discern and develop their gifts, and use them in God's service 
  • Who are engaged in transforming culture for the kingdom of God.

Department Contact

Office: Old Main, first floor
Phone: 724-847-6700