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Disciplines/Field of Instruction

  • Chemistry - Analytical and Physical
  • Chemical Engineering

Degrees Received

  • Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, 1983, The Pennsylvania State University
  • B.S. Chemistry, 1979, Geneva College

Courses Taught

  • CHM 307 - Physical Chemistry I
  • CHM 308 - Physical Chemistry II
  • CHM 306 - Instrumental Analysis
  • CHM 311 - Advanced Instrumental Laboratory
  • CHM 312 - Advanced Physical Laboratory
  • CHM 412 - Polymer Chemistry
  • SCS 110 - Introduction to Natural Science
  • CHE 401 - Reactor Design
  • CHE 302 - Unit Operations


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  • J.W. Stahl, A.D. Catherman, R.N. Sampath, C.A. Seneviratne, and T.G. Strein, "Investigating the Effects of Conductivity on Zone Overlap with EMMA: Computer Simulation and Experiment," Electrophoresis 2011, 32, 1492-1499.
  • J.W. Stahl, editor and co-author, Energy and the Development of Scientific Ideas, 5th Edition, Geneva College, 2009. (Textbook for Geneva′s core science course, Nature of Science)
  • J.W. Stahl, “An Essay on Christian Faith and Analytical Chemistry,” Geneva College Faculty Development Integration Paper, 1997. (not published, available in McCartney Library).
  • J. Stahl, "Food Analysis Method Development for the Instrumental Analysis Laboratory," 208th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, August 1994.
  • J.W. Stahl, project coordinator with IUPAC Commission V.1, "Nomenclature of Thermometric and Enthalpimetric Methods in Chemical Analysis," Pure and Applied Chemistry, 1994, 66(12), 2487-2492.
  • J. Jordan and J.W. Stahl, "Thermometric Titrations and Enthalpimetric Analysis," in Treatise on Analytical Chemistry, 2nd ed., Part I, Volume 13, Chap. 2, edited by J.D. Winefordner, D. Dollimore, and J. Dunn, Wiley, New York, 1993.
  • J. W. Stahl, "Mass Spectrometer Interface with an Apple II Computer," Journal of Chemical Education, March 1990, p. A72.
  • J.W. Stahl and J. Jordan, "Thermometric Titration of Polysulfides," Analytical Chemistry, 1987, (59), 1222-1226.
  • J. Jordan and J.W. Stahl, "Fundamentals of Analytical Solution Calorimetry," in Analytical Solution Calorimetry, J.K. Grime, ed., Wiley, New York, 1985.

Current Projects

  • Research and senior design projects recently have included the following: novel measurement methods for diffusion behavior of gases in porous adsorptive media, improvements in biodiesel production from waste vegetable oil, study of electromigration processes in microreactors, environmental studies of trace lead and cadmium and factors influencing their uptake, electrochemistry in microemulsions, synthesis and characterization of amine boranes, calorimetry of adsorption processes, visible methods for ethanol determination, acid-mine drainage water analysis.
  • I also have an ongoing interest in communicating biblical truths through demonstrations and object lessons that provide a metaphorical image for the audience. I have developed and presented a number these demonstration talks as children′s sermons or a special presentations for all ages in churches, camps, and retreats. Titles include: “The God-Shaped Vacuum,” “Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet,” “The Flames Shall Not Consume You,” and “The Iron-smelting Furnace.” These talks are listed on the Geneva Speaker′s Bureau.

Awards & Distinctions Received

  • Geneva College Excellence in Scholarship Award, 1993
  • Geneva College Excellence in Teaching Award, 1998
  • Special recognition for role as Faculty Liaison for S&E Building Renovation, 2002-2003.
  • Geneva College Alumni Association Distinguised Service Award, 2004.

Affiliations, e.g., membership in professional organizations, etc.

  • American Chemical Society
  • American Scientific Association
  • International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Miscellaneous, e.g., hobbies, sports, personal info, etc.

  • Dr. Stahl lives on College Hill with his lovely wife Jacque. They have four grown children and attend College Hill Reformed Presbyterian Church. His hobbies include home remodeling, bicycling, and geography. His life verse as a Christian in science is Ps. 111:2.
    “Great are the works of the Lord, they are pondered by all who delight in them.”

Academic Distinctives

Dr. Stahl took a lead responsibility in the grant funding, purchase, and installation of Geneva's Shimadzu GC-S instrument, which has been used for several projects since its installation in November 2020.

Dr. Stahl has taken an influential role in the work of senior students. In the past academic year, he oversaw the work of two students in Chemical Engineering senior design, both of whom also earned second majors in Chemistry.

The students worked on the biodiesal fuel project and investigated acid-catalysis on both labratory and pilot plant scales. Max allman presented this work at the Duquesne Regional ACS Student meeting in April 2022.