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Disciplines/Field of Instruction

  • Engineering and Mathematics

Degrees Received

  • Ph. D. in Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
  • M. S. in Engineering (Mechanical), Youngstown State University
  • M. S. in Mathematics, Youngstown State University
  • Master of Theological Studies, Reformed Presbyterian Theology Seminary
  • Master of Arts in Religion, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
  • B. S. in Mechanical Engineering, Geneva College
  • B. S. in Mathematics, Geneva College             

Courses Taught

  • EGR 101 Introduction to Engineering (Lab)
  • EGR 213 Systems Engineering
  • EGR 314 Engineering Thermodynamics
  • EGR 211 Solid Mechanics (Lab)
  • EGR 423 Quality Engineering
  • MAT 101 College Algebra
  • MAT 105 Elementary Statistical Methods
  •  MAT 120 Precalculus
  • MAT 265 Probability and Statistics
  • MAT 491 Special Study

Affiliations, e.g., membership in professional organizations, etc.

  • Registered Professional Engineer (Delaware)

Work Experience

  • Eighteen Years Experience in Compressor Design and Analysis

Miscellaneous, e.g., hobbies, sports, personal info, etc.

  • Member of the Presbyterian Church in America

Academic Distinctives

During the 2023 Academic Year, Dr. Tronzo continued his independent research on topics related to his graduate modeling research and also on eigenvalue inclusion sets. He has submitted two papers that are awaiting response.

Dr. Tronzo has earned 2 undergraduate degrees, 4 graduate degrees, and a Ph.D.

Dr. Tronzo is a registered professional engineer for the state of Delaware.