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Disciplines/Field of Instruction

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Environmental Engineering & Science

Degrees Received

  • M.S., 1991, Environmental Engineering, Auburn University
  • B.S., 1983, Environmental Engineering, Syracuse University

Courses Taught

  • EGR 331 – Thermal and Fluid Engineering Laboratory
  • EGR 332 – Fluid Mechanics
  • EVE 240 – Water Quality Control
  • EVE 341 – Environmental Monitoring
  • EVS 111 – Environmental Science
  • EGR 101 – Introduction to Engineering
  • EGR 100 – Engineering: Calling and Vocation
  • PHY 202 – College Physics Laboratory

Engineering Presentations/Publications

  • Kennedy, M.T., “Implementing a Pretreatment Program: A Paper Shield to Defend Against a Paper Threat?,” 3rd Annual Tri-State Industrial Waste Pretreatment Forum, Pittsburgh, PA, September 2001.
  • Bell, W.B., Schoenthaler, R.L., Kennedy, M.T., “Demonstration Approach for Permitting Combined Sewer Overflows,” ASCE Annual Convention, Washington, DC, November 1996.
  • Wilber, C. and Kennedy, M.T., “Do You Need Nitrification? Ammonia Permitting Issues in Virginia,” Virginia Water Environment Association Annual Conference, May 1995.
  • Wilber, C., Kennedy, M.T., Ramirez, M.A., “Controlling Increased Odor from High Solids Sludge Processing at Blue Plains WWTP,” International Management of Water and Wastewater Solids for the 21st Century (Conference), June, 1994.
  • Wilber, C. and Kennedy, M.T., “Eliminate NPDES Permit Violations with Analytical Variability Adjustments, or Why Single Data Points Cannot be Used to Determine Compliance,” Water Environment Federation Annual Conference, October 1993.
  • Kennedy, M.T., Morgan, J.M., Benefield, L.D., McFadden, F., “Color Removal from Textile Dye Wastewater: A Case Study,” 47th Annual Purdue Industrial Waste Conference, May 1992.

Current Projects & Research

  • Industrial Pretreatment Consulting Services for the New Castle Sanitation Authority, New Castle, PA
  • Sr. Engineering Associate, Widmer Engineering, Inc., Beaver Falls, PA
  • Adjunct Faculty for Civil Engineering, Mean Chey University, Sisophon, Cambodia

Consulting expertise in the following areas:

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Design and Renovation
  • Wastewater Collection System Planning and Design
  • Construction Management
  • Odor Control
  • Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment
  • Regulatory & Technical Reporting and Permitting
  • Client Advocacy
  • Combined Sewer Overflow Mitigation

Professional Society Memberships

  • Professional Engineer (PA)
  • Water Environment Federation
  • Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP)

Work Experience

  • US Army Officer, 1983 – 1988
  • Consulting Engineer, Greeley and Hansen, Washington DC, 1990 – 1998
  • Consulting Engineer, Widmer Engineering Inc., Beaver Falls, PA, 1998 – present

Ecclesiastical Service

  • Ordained Elder, Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

Miscellaneous, e.g., hobbies, sports, personal info, etc.(optional)

  • Scouting, triathlon, cycling, canoeing, sailing, reading, and playing music on my baritone horns and other brass instruments.

Academic Distinctives

Mark Kennedy presented “Implementing a Pretreatment Program: A Paper Shield to Defend Against a Paper Threat?,” at the 3rd Annual Tri-State Industrial Waste Pretreatment Forum in Pittsburgh, PA in 2001.

Mark Kennedy is a Professional Engineer for the state of Pennsylvania. He is also a member of the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP).

Mark Kennedy worked for 5 years as an officer in the US Army.