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How Geneva Prepares English Majors for Success

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Program Spotlight

Few academic endeavors match the satisfaction of analyzing a complicated work of literature or writing a perfectly phrased essay. In addition to delivering a personal feeling of accomplishment, these skills also translate to success in the workforce, as indicated by a recent survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, which examined the starting salaries of several different college majors. According to the study, employers increasingly value the unique attributes liberal arts majors bring to the table. English degrees in particular have seen their starting salaries rise in recent years; English majors from the class of 2015 enjoyed a salary rise of 14.3 percent over the class of 2014. This trend has been attributed, in part, to employers' increasing appreciation of the superior communication and critical thinking skills liberal arts graduates demonstrate. These skills are fully developed through Geneva College's English program, which allows students to integrate their faith with their love of the English language.

Studying English and Preparing For the Workforce

A strong command of the English language gives students a unique advantage as they launch careers in a wide variety of fields. English students develop essential critical thinking and communication skills while analyzing great works of literature and writing great works of their own. They emerge with the ability to understand and interpret complicated texts, including everything from novels to white papers.

English at Geneva College

English students at Geneva College discover the power of the English language in a faith-based setting. The program's curriculum helps students develop critical listening, reading, and writing skills, while also encouraging a greater appreciation of mankind's God-given creativity. Majors including English Language and Writing, with students from both programs taking a combination of core classes and electives. English minors include Teaching English as a Second Language, Creative Writing, and Informational Writing

Internships at Geneva College

Practical application of the liberal arts is of utmost importance in today's competitive economy. Geneva gives students the chance not only to build their writing and literature analysis skills, but also to apply those skills in a practical environment. Program head David Kuhns reports that the English department is currently in the midst of building a proactive internship program, which will build upon Geneva's already strong internship opportunities. By pursuing internships, English students can build their resumes, their professional network, and their personal confidence.

Success Story: Abigail York, Writing Major, May 2016 graduate

Success stories abound among Geneva's English graduates, but one of the most impressive involves Abigail York, who graduated in 2016 with a Writing degree. Abigail interned at Crown and Covenant Publications in Pittsburgh, where she applied skills gained at Geneva by writing short pieces, composing a study guide, and launching a magazine column. These and other responsibilities served as a valuable bridge between Abigail's student experience and her entry into the work world.

 English majors boast impressive critical thinking skills and a strong command of the English language. These highly transferable skills can be applied in a wide array of career fields. By promoting both a faith-based appreciation of the English language and the development of practical skills, Geneva College prepares English majors for successful and rewarding careers.

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Dec 26, 2016

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