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Master of Business Administration Program Spotlight

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Geneva College’s Master of Business Administration prepares students for the continuously developing field of business by providing them with business fundamentals and specialized knowledge that sets them apart from the competition. Students can earn a traditional MBA or choose to add a concentration in finance, marketing, or operations management. These concentrations meet ACBSP accreditation requirements and allow students to focus their learning on a more distinct path. Students decide to either take classes online or in person, and both options offer a flexibility that makes it an ideal program for the working professional.

While enrolled in the classes, students take courses in finance, management, business ethics, human resources, and marketing. The core classes help students develop a well-rounded view of business principles and learn how to understand the foundational aspects of working in a business. Students also pick from a variety of electives to have a narrowed focus in some of their classes. Both core and elective classes help to lay a firm foundation for future enterprises. Through their scholarship at Geneva College, graduates of this program are prepared to be business leaders with roots in sound biblical principles.

Students work alongside many experienced and accomplished faculty members, including Christen Adels, JD, Denise Murphy-Gerber, PhD, and Matt Fuss, PhD. These professors, as well as many others, guide students through the learning process of excelling in the business industry. Faculty have first-hand experience in the business world and provide varied perspectives. For example, Adels was the chief executive officer of Cite Services LP, Curtis Songer, associate professor of business, founded his own business, and Fuss was an HR manager for a small trucking company. Not only do Geneva’s business faculty understand the business world from a theoretical standpoint, they offer experiential knowledge from the field.

As stated by Murphy-Gerber, it is the flexibility and the mission that set Geneva’s MBA program apart from other programs. “The flexibility of our programming allows adults to complete 100% of the program in the classroom, 100% online, or a hybrid of the two.”

And the mission? It’s simple: To provide a rigorous and challenging education while integrating the Christian faith with the practice of business. As Murphy-Gerber shares, “Our mission is woven throughout the courses in the program which blends the knowledge and experience of the faculty who are all professing Christians with the highest level of either academic or professional qualifications. We believe that business is a calling of God and that there is an ever-increasing need for managers acting in biblically sound ways.”

Upon graduation, students are offered a wide range of potential careers, including accounting, finance, marketing, and management. With an MBA from Geneva College, students are well equipped to enter the professional world of business and lead in whatever capacity they choose.


Anna Eshelman '24

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Feb 13, 2024

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