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Master of Arts in Higher Education Program Spotlight

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Higher Education Graduate Studies Program Spotlight

One of Geneva College’s four graduate programs is the Master of Arts in Higher Education (MAHE). This program prepares students to approach education and vocation by equipping them with a biblical foundation. Throughout the course of this program, students will experience the integration of faith and learning, a comprehensive education in professional standards and practical research methods, and a care for the diverse spectrum of God’s kingdom and creation.

The MAHE program can be taken in three different ways: cohort, self-directed studies, or institute. Students of the cohort model usually take three on-campus classes each semester, typically evening courses to accommodate for working students. Students who choose self-directed studies can take classes at their own pace whenever the classes are offered until they fulfill the degree requirements. Thirdly, there is the institute option, which is designed for working professionals, and accommodates students who do not live near the college. Students taking this method take one-week, on-campus courses in the summers and take online courses during the academic year. These three methods allow a variety of students to engage with this program.

The MAHE program is comprised of 36 credits. 30 credits are comprised of core classes, and then the other 6 credits are elective. The core classes include various topics such as foundations of learning and knowledge, historical foundations of higher education, and college student success. The electives can be chosen from a variety of classes such as residence life, counseling and advisement, contemporary trends in higher education, and the vocation of teacher.

All of the courses in the program are taught by dedicated, experienced professors who wish to see their students succeed. The Higher Education faculty includes Dr. Henrique Alvim, the program director; Dr. Keith Martel, who teaches several of the foundational courses; and Dr. Terry Thomas, who helps teach several courses. Every professor in the program is highly knowledgeable in their field and cares about educating their students.

Graduate students also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working in a graduate assistantship. There are several graduate assistant positions available for each of the master’s programs that are offered. Graduate assistants work 20 hours per week in their position for 9 months and receive a monthly stipend in addition to a tuition discount. In a graduate assistantship, students are able to work alongside college faculty and staff in a position that is relevant to their educational focus and vocational interests.

After graduation, students can be prepared to enter a wide variety of fields relating to leadership, research, or consulting roles in the world of education. Graduates are prepared to work in academic advising, admissions, college teaching, policy planning, student activities, residence life, and many other fields.  Wherever they end up, they will have been well prepared to excel at wherever they are.

Anna Eshelman '24

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Feb 7, 2024

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