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January 23, 2023

How the Study of Business Interacts with a Christian Worldview

One might argue that there’s no room for a Christian perspective within a business, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Higher Education

January 10, 2023

What To Do With A Business Degree

Students that study business will graduate with an abundance of marketable skills and an overwhelming variety of career options ahead of them. Read more to learn about possible career paths for business majors.

Higher Education

December 21, 2022

Why Get a Master's in Counseling?

Are you considering pursuing a master’s in counseling? Here are some reasons why getting a master’s in counseling might be right for you.

Higher Education

September 22, 2022

Benefits of L&T Class

Learning and Transition (L&T) is a unique course at Geneva required by all incoming students. But why is it required?

Higher Education The College

June 21, 2022

Geneva College Core Curriculum

The Geneva College core curriculum establishes a framework for education, encouraging each student to develop their skills and attitudes while also pushing them to think critically about various topics.

Higher Education The College

May 26, 2022

Geneva Faculty Explore Implications Beyond the Classroom

Geneva College faculty members understand and effectively teach their disciplines with academic excellence in combination with a consistent biblical worldview. In addition to serving students on campus, Geneva professors approach the larger world as thought leaders in the integration of faith and learning. Here are some recent examples.

College Preparation Campus Life Higher Education

May 5, 2022

Three Things Not to Do in College

I am here to tell you that you do not need to be a superhuman to get through college. To survive and thrive all four years of your time in college, or however long it takes, here are some things NOT to do while in college.

Higher Education

May 14, 2021

10 Great Benefits of Choosing a Major and a Minor in College

Declaring your major in college is an important part of making sure you get the education you need for a career in your chosen field. You also have the option to choose a minor, but do minors really matter? A minor is a set of classes some college students choose as a way to enhance their education overall. While it isn’t required, having a major/minor can actually provide you with some excellent benefits. These are some of the top reasons to consider choosing both a major and a minor.

Career Higher Education

April 9, 2021

Great Reasons to Be a Writing Major

Writing is one of the best choices as a college major because of the flexibility it gives you in so many different jobs and in your overall vocation. With a writing major, you can be a journalist, teacher, work in any number of public relations offices, write as a freelancer, become a blogger and have a skill that's useful in many other ways.

Everyday Living Higher Education

March 17, 2021

How Do I Get It All Done?

The answer to many problems boils down to structure and management. Students need to be able to manage their time in an efficient manner. Let’s look at areas that require some planning to help students succeed in their academic pursuits: study time, the use of email, social media, and downtime.

Financial Aid Higher Education Program Spotlight The College

February 10, 2021

Honors Week: What to Expect from the Honors Program

The Honors Program at Geneva College seeks out students who clearly exemplify a determination in their educational endeavors directly out of high school and throughout college. The program is designed to encourage students to continue the same academic excellence throughout their entire college career.

The College Higher Education

January 14, 2021

Introducing the Geneva College Foundation

The Geneva College Board of Trustees approved the establishment of the Geneva College Foundation, starting June 1, 2021. At that time, all charitable giving will be processed through the Geneva College Foundation and all new endowment gifts will be retained in the foundation.

Higher Education The College

November 5, 2020

Support Breeds Success: Geneva Resources for Students

The Student Success Center is in Skye Lounge and the Writing Center is in the McCartney Library. Overall, these two resources not only will provide you with a sense of peace and knowledge about the accuracy of your course work but will also help you improve your writing skills.

College Admissions Higher Education

October 19, 2020

Nothing to Fear: Why Transferring Colleges Is Perfectly Normal

The college transfer process shouldn't be avoided simply because it seems strange or unusual. In reality, it's a perfectly normal approach to making progress towards graduation. The sooner misconceptions about transferring are put to rest, the sooner students can carve the unique paths through college that serve them best.

Higher Education

September 18, 2020

Embracing Educational Benefits: Why is Education Important?

Education is more than going to your classes and doing the work necessary to get a passing grade—it’s about preparing for life! So, use this time wisely and work hard to take advantage of all the benefits a good education has to offer.

Campus Life Everyday Living Higher Education

July 13, 2020

The COVID-19 Disruption

As you continue to adjust to the COVID-19 environment we are living in, I want you to consider that this is only a disruption in your life. It may seem to be overwhelming but only if you allow it to be. God does not bring disruptions in our lives to destroy us, but to build us up (James 1:2).

Faith Higher Education The College

May 7, 2020

National Day of Prayer: Thankful for Our Students

On this National Day of Prayer in the United States, we remember our students in their finals week taking exams, finishing papers and closing out the semester at home. We are thankful that God has provided them and entrusted them into our care during their college years. We pray God will uphold us in this task and them in their challenges.

Higher Education The College

April 28, 2020

Supporting Your Student during Finals Week

Your student is entering one of the most stressful weeks in a semester of full of stress - Finals Week. Here’s how you can support your student's good performance and good health in this most unusual time in our lives.

Higher Education

April 27, 2020

10 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Summer School Courses

Electing to attend summer school may cut into your much-needed R&R, but it can pay big dividends in the long run. The following are 10 great reasons to consider attending college summer school courses.

Higher Education

April 20, 2020

Online vs Remote Learning

Online education and remote education, though they both take place on the Internet, are two entirely different formats.

Higher Education

April 16, 2020

Top Tips for Successful Students

Studying for a diploma is certainly challenging, but it's one that every student has the ability to meet and conquer. Here are some tips to help you maintain a good study schedule, earn good grades, and pass your courses with flying colors.

Higher Education

April 6, 2020

7 Tips for Students Transitioning to Online Learning

The pandemic of 2020 has forced students of all ages to move to online learning, a method many have no experience with at all. Here are seven tips to help students transition to online learning to make sure they make the most of it and avoid the pitfalls of transitioning to online education.

Higher Education

April 1, 2020

A Fool’s Errand?

How quickly the world turned in March 2020 and how quickly people made online learning work. It is important not to be the stubborn April fool not open to change when it is warranted. The survival of higher education depended on the agility of faculty, staff and students to adjust, to adapt to living and learning at a distance.

Campus Life Higher Education

March 13, 2020

Four Reasons to Get Involved in College Student Government

Participating in student government at college can enhance your social, intellectual and leadership skills, while at the same time creating a better college experience for everyone. There are many good reasons to get involved in college student government; here are four of them.

College Preparation Higher Education

February 8, 2020

The Value of Dual Enrollment Programs

Families are turning to dual enrollment programs as a way to mitigate the cost of higher education in the United States. At the same time, colleges and universities are promoting the programs as a way to attract students to their undergraduate programs. For families, the growing trend toward early enrollment offers significant positive benefits, but there can be pitfalls.

College Admissions College Preparation Higher Education

October 4, 2019

Taking the First Steps with Closing the Gap

What if I told you there was a way to get a taste of the college experience while also receiving four real college credits? What if I told you that there was an easy way to baby step your way into understanding the college experience without actually attending college?

College Preparation Early College Higher Education

June 26, 2019

5 Benefits of Early College

Is there a way that we could start to conquer some of those fears before even stepping on the campus as a freshman? The answer to that question is "yes." Early college is a great opportunity for high school students to peer into the college experience before going to college full time.

Higher Education

May 7, 2019

Combatting Finals Week

That’s right, finals week.  It lurks in the darkest corner of spring semester, like the monster in your closet.  It looms over summer break like a storm cloud.  It waits like the pothole that threatens to blow your tire.  Ominously, it approaches.  And we must be ready... here are some tips.

Higher Education Humanities and Liberal Arts The College

April 3, 2019

A Year of Celebration in the English Department

The Geneva College English Department has the privilege of celebrating both the literature and the people who have been instrumental in helping students understand the question of what it means to be human. At the annual Geneva Reading Series, which takes place April 5, 2019 at 7 p.m. in John White Chapel, these conveyances will be honored. 

Campus Life College Preparation Higher Education

January 11, 2019

Jump In: Start Your Semester Off Right

The new semester begins. For some of you it may be your last college semester ever. For others, it is your first. No matter – we all need to jump in to the routine now, and here are the three most important things you can do to get a great start – and they are aimed at mind, body and soul.

Campus Life Higher Education The College

December 12, 2018

Finishing the Race

One day we’re gonna look back and wonder how our college years flew by so fast, so make the most of these final weeks of a semester. And remember that no matter what your final grade is, your identity is not found in your class-room performance, but in Christ.

Higher Education

November 5, 2018

Thinking of Changing Your Major?

If you are thinking of changing your major, don’t let your worries get the better of you. Here are sevent tips to help you through the decision process.

Biblical Wisdom Higher Education Program Spotlight The College

July 17, 2018

Three Crucial Communication Classes

When I think about the classes that have been the most important in getting me to think as a communication major and prepare me for the future, these are the three that come to mind.

Higher Education Humanities and Liberal Arts Program Spotlight

April 9, 2018

Annual Dr. Byron I. Bitar Memorial Lecture in Philosophy

Geneva College’s Philosophy Program is pleased to present the 2018 Dr. Byron I. Bitar Memorial Lecturer, Christian philosopher, John F. Crosby on Monday, April 9 at 7 p.m. in Skye Lounge in the Student Center.

Higher Education Humanities and Liberal Arts

March 13, 2018

Academic Minors: The Little Brother of a College Education

Taking on a minor, or two, is one way to gain verifiable qualifications in an area that either complements your major or expands your skills beyond your major.

Higher Education Program Spotlight

March 7, 2018

Do Nurses Need a BSN?

The U.S. government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists registered nurse (RN) as a top growth occupation. There is a trend, however, that might make you take a second look at your plans to stop your nursing education at the RN level.

Continuing Education Graduate Studies Higher Education Humanities and Liberal Arts

February 28, 2018

Courage to Conquer Grad School

Now that I’ve navigated the transition to grad school—and talked with many other Geneva alumni who’ve done the same thing—I can assure you that it’s possible. If you’re thinking of taking the grad school plunge, the core values of a Geneva College education will prepare you to excel.

Higher Education

January 20, 2018

A Message to Juniors: Well done – keep going!

Are college juniors the least talked about and celebrated class of college students? We juniors have the least defined identity of all college students. Three thoughts have helped me manage through junior year, and I hope they help you, as well, fellow junior.

Higher Education

December 11, 2017

Geneva Engineering Students See Water Filtration in Action

Engineering students' tour of F.B. Xylem Leopold's water filtration will help engineering students confidently enter the workforce and help guide them in completing engineering capstone projects that seniors need to graduate.

Biblical Wisdom Higher Education Program Spotlight

October 23, 2017

5 Ways to Impact Future Generations with Your Christian Faith and Higher Education Degree

As Christians, we are called to serve and be fishers of men. Education is a field that directly impacts future generations and created an opportunity to instill the gospel into the future leaders of the world.

Higher Education

October 19, 2017

In Praise of Challenging Academics

During any given academic career, most students will have ups and downs. But it doesn't have to break you; if you adjust and persevere, the experience can make you a better student.

Campus Life Higher Education

September 18, 2017

Avoiding the “Sophomore Slump”

In the second year of college, some former freshmen who began with such enthusiasm fall victim to what is known as “the Sophomore Slump." Their excitement has turned to annoyance, and instead of being dedicated, they feel dejected. These 5 tips can help.

College Preparation Higher Education The College

September 5, 2017

A Student's Experience in Geneva's L&T

I recall the benefits of L&T when thinking about the week I turned in my first college paper and took my first college test. I did not receive the grades expected. It wasn’t until the following week’s L&T class that I was able to put some of my worries to rest.

Faith Higher Education The College

August 27, 2017

On What Should a Christian College Be Grounded?

On the cusp of a new academic year here at Geneva College, I'm reflecting about the question: "On what should a Christian college be grounded?"

Higher Education Humanities and Liberal Arts The College

June 13, 2017

Here's the biggest reason liberal arts still matter

The darkness many of us feel today, in an age marked by so vicious and spurious a form of "realism," may in part be the fruit of the liberal arts fading among us, leaving us, inevitably, less free.

Adult Students Higher Education The College

May 25, 2017

I’m not a Christian. Why should I complete my bachelor’s degree from a Christian college?

A Geneva College ADP major is NOT a “Bible” degree. All our majors are in professional fields like human resources, management, organizational leadership, criminal justice, child and family services, aging services and public relations.

Higher Education Humanities and Liberal Arts

May 3, 2017

What It Means to Be a Liberal Arts Student

Liberal arts education means learning how to think critically through the daily mundane and beautiful parts of life to better your community and the people around you.

Campus Life Higher Education

April 24, 2017

What Makes College a Journey: The Ever-Changing Semester

Whether you’re about to begin your college journey, you’re halfway through, or you’re in the final stretch towards graduation, I’d like to encourage you to do this one thing: Embrace the predictably unpredictable.

Campus Life Higher Education

April 17, 2017

Finish Strong

As the semester winds down, the work on final projects and exams ramps up. For many students, the end of the semester is when their most rigorous and intense work and studying arrives, but you can cope with the stress and come out on top ready for summer break.

Higher Education Humanities and Liberal Arts

March 27, 2017

Why Everyone Should Take a Public Speaking Course

Learning the basics of public speaking can greatly benefit your educational growth. There are several ways in which public speaking skills can be beneficial to any college student in any field of study.

Campus Life Faith Higher Education

February 20, 2017

5 Christian Education Myths That Need To Go

Christian universities offer an exceptional avenue to personal enlightenment and professional success. Here are a few of the most bothersome and undeserved myths about religious education.

Faith Higher Education

January 6, 2017

The Value of a Counter-Cultural Education

We find our ultimate meaning and reality in God and His magnificent creation. We are created to be near God. To use the language of Genesis, we are made in God′s Image, in His likeness. It is on this truth that we stake our counter-cultural claim that the best education is education that acknowledges this reality.

Biblical Wisdom Higher Education

December 14, 2016

God Is Bigger Than Your Final Exams

Around this time of the year, most students have one specific hardship on their minds: final exams. We’ve been taking them for years now, but they don’t seem to be getting any easier and stress us out more every year. We can almost feel our bodies start to quake upon simply hearing the word “finals.”

Campus Life Higher Education Study Abroad The College

November 2, 2016

Distinctive Learning at Geneva and Beyond

Geneva College has once again been recognized as a College of Distinction for 2016-2017 in the Overall, Pennsylvania and Christian College categories. Geneva provides “an innovative, engaged experience that prepares student for successful careers, active citizenship, and lifelong learning.” Let’s dig into this a little deeper...

Faith Higher Education President's Desk

March 21, 2016

The Core!

What should students learn? At one extreme the question provokes heated controversy (Google “Common Core,” “Dead White Men”) and at the other extreme throw-up-the-hands, let-the-students-decide adult abdication. The answer reveals what a college believes most valuable.

Higher Education

March 14, 2016

The Benefits of an Internship

There are a lot of benefits to be had participating in an internship. During the two internships I’ve been through I’ve gained experience needed to enter the workforce full-time, expanded my network, and gained irreplaceable mentors. They may seem daunting or time-consuming, but there are too many benefits to justify turning down such an opportunity!

Higher Education

March 1, 2016

Geneva Moves Forward in the Digital Frontier

Online classes are rapidly growing in the increasingly varied college experience. They offer students the ability to take courses at times outside of traditional terms, helping them keep on track to graduate on time—or perhaps even early. Geneva College has offered online courses in its adult programs, as online options are of high value for working adult students. Now online courses are debuting for traditional students through a brand new initiative, Geneva Online—GO.

Adult Students Higher Education

February 25, 2016

The Apostle Paul, Online Educator

Geneva College online programs are not static and passive in their delivery and reception. Our online programs aren’t just a place for information to be transferred, but they are a context for students to be instructed, challenged, encouraged and, in fact, educated by skilled and godly instructors. And they are places to learn, connect and grow with other students in a meaningful way.

Higher Education

January 27, 2016

Making the Most of Time with Your Professors

I know, it seems impossible that you could possibly squeeze anything else into your college schedule. But hear from someone who has experienced it: making the most of your time with your professors will not only impact your academic career, it will also impact your life.

Higher Education

January 5, 2016

Impact of Geneva Professors

If I had to narrow everything I’ve learned and been surprised by in college, it would come down to two things: 1. You need to know how to make your own coffee, because not every coffee vendor makes acceptable coffee with enough caffeine to get you through the day. 2. Professors will have a much larger impact on you than you will ever imagine.

Higher Education

December 23, 2015

Confessions of a Transfer Student

Arriving at college for the first time is one of the most nerve-racking experiences in a person’s life. I would know; I did it three times.

College Preparation Higher Education

December 14, 2015

A Transfer’s Reasons for Why You Should Transfer to Geneva

Imagine sitting in an auditorium next to 500 other students and you don’t know a single one of them. It’s your first day of classes and you’ve prepared yourself as much as you could for this day. But what you’re now realizing as you sit in that classroom is that there was no possible way for you to prepare for what could make you stand out in a crowd of that many students, let alone the other 15,000 students attending that college.

Higher Education

December 9, 2015

Use Social Media Effectively to Secure Your Next Job

While the majority of people are familiar with using social media in their personal lives, many people are unaware as to how powerful social media can be as they seek employment. While it is common knowledge that LinkedIn is geared towards assisting individuals who are seeking employment, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can also be effective social media tools in the search for employment.

Higher Education

December 8, 2015

Finals Survival Checklist: Geneva College Edition

It may seem hard to believe, but the fall semester is almost over and it’s time to plan how you’re going to survive your finals. Here is a checklist that might give you some peace of mind during your long haul to the end of the semester that will help you to finish Geneva Strong.

Higher Education

December 7, 2015

Finishing Strong— The Best Two Weeks of the Year

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a whirlwind of activity. Everything from final papers to gift ideas can clutter the mind with a seemingly endless list of things to do. But in the midst of mayhem it is important to remember to finish strong. August seems like ages ago and the excitement of the beginning of the semester has long since worn off. In these last few weeks, you must remember that excitement. If you understand your work and you understand yourself, the end of the semester can be the best two weeks of the year.

Higher Education

November 24, 2015

How to Focus

Being a college student can be difficult and stressful at times. Students constantly have a million things to do, but never seem to have enough time to do them all. I find that one of my main problems is that it’s hard for me to focus. Whether in class, while doing homework, or even when talking to my friends, I have trouble focusing. When you have a lot going on in your life, focusing on what you need to do is hard. Here are five simple steps that spell FOCUS that may just help you focus on finishing your next paper or studying for a final.

Higher Education

November 20, 2015

The Power of an Internship

Are you tired of learning about your field but not actively doing something within it? Now’s the time to consider an internship! During an internship, students have the chance to dip their toes into the field for a few months and see exactly how they fit into the field. Internships provide students so many great opportunities with field experience, networking and future employment possibilities.

Higher Education

October 12, 2015

30 Top Christian Colleges

Excite Education lists Geneva College in the top 30 colleges for traditional and adult students who are looking for a world-class education that is rooted in strong Christian beliefs and values.